The Budget

We’ve been locked in a boom-and-bust cycle way too long. We must diversify our economy and tax base. We must set statutory expectations of when to utilize & replenish stabilization funds. A thorough examination of spending and revenue sources is needed to find a long term solution.

Strong Public Education

Education is facing deep cuts. School districts across the state have been tightening their belts and cutting their budgets. These cuts are impacting the quality of education our children are receiving. There are many aging schools needing major repairs and new construction. Children in my district attend schools that we built 60 years ago. These schools need immediate major renovations or replacement. The costs are going to continue to rise while our children have inadequate physical learning environments.

Public Lands

Federal lands need to remain in federal hands. Wyoming does not have the resources to manage these lands. The cost of controlling wildfires, the loss of revenue generated by these lands and the overall management cost is not sustainable within the current state budget. Sportsmen and hunters across the state would very likely lose access to these lands if transferred to state control.

Economic Diversification

Businesses look for hospitable communities, innovative environments plus a healthy and educated workforce. Business friendly regulation and favorable tax climate aren’t enticing new industry. We need to: Support new technology in existing markets such as Beefchain in the ag industry. Fix our broken healthcare system. Keep our kids home for their education. Embrace emerging manufacturing tech in our coal, oil & gas industry. Become a leader in renewable energy. Support business ready infrastructure.